The Top Ten Benefits of House Sitting

You might be surprised at the sheer amount of benefits you can gain from house sitting, especially if you're finding life hard, can't get a job, have big debts or you're living in a particularly stressful situation.

You'll also be surprised at how easy it is to set yourself up as a 'professional' house sitter and be locating and securing jobs in no time and turning your life into a more interesting and satisfying experience than perhaps it has been.

So here are the Top Ten Benefits to you of taking up house sitting:

Living For Free: You'll be paying only for your food and travelling costs, although some home owners may chip in to cover a part or all of these.

Slashing Your Living Overheads: No more paying for rent, rates, water, gas, electricity, heating, telephone, internet, television, local council charges, a mortgage or bond.

Reducing Your Debt: If you take up house sitting for a while, medium or long term, you can begin paying off and eventually clear all of your debts.

Saving Money: If you're lucky enough to get yourself into six or twelve month house sitting situations and you're really careful about what you spend you can save yourself a lot of money through being in a stable financial position for quite a period - with no travel costs between jobs.

Becoming Independent: long term house sitters wanted If you depend on other people for a home and you're uncomfortable with living this way house sitting means you will be getting your 'own home(s)' to live in so you can become independent of others.

Being Your Own Boss: Once you are independent you get to make your own decisions about the house sitting positions you take, how you go about carrying them out and, importantly, how you get to spend your spare time.

Having Time For You: Being independent and your own boss means you at last will have time to do the things you've always wanted to including, but not limited to, painting, reading, writing books and home studying.

Travelling: You can get house sitting jobs locally, in your own country or anywhere around the world so you can visit new places, meet new people and enjoy each locality you house sit in.

Making New Friends: You will have tons of opportunities for making new friends wherever you go, from home owners and their neighbours to the local people wherever you are.

Having Fun: House sitting offers you a new kind of freedom letting you have fun doing what you want to and exploring local areas and places of interest, as long as you remember to always complete your responsibilities to the home owner as priority number one!

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